My name is Troy Nathan. I am an ex-professional rugby player, having played professionally for 16 years. Playing professional sports is a very cut-throat industry and every day is a battle to keep your position. Therefore performing at your best is a must to ensure you keep your job. What I have learnt throughout my career, and over the past few years especially, is the importance of proper body management, how vital it is to listen to your body and to treat it right so you can give your maximum effort in every performance for you and your team, week in and week out.


Ongoing physiotherapy treatments and massages took up a lot of my spare time as a pro athlete. However, when I needed the treatment most was first thing in the morning when I woke up with aches and pains and again at home after a hard days work. With the stubborn 'unstoppable' mentality of a typical 20-something year old, I would often make up excuses not to go physiotherapy for treatment, and instead choose to go for lunch/coffee with my teammates and over a period of time recurrent niggles and injuries started to occur due to the fact that I wasn't listening to my body and what it needed to perform at it's best.

When I was 27, I was playing in Scotland for the Glasgow Warriors - one of the top rugby clubs in Europe - and they introduced compulsory self pre-habilitation sessions daily for 20 minute’s before training. The pre-habilitation sessions consisted of self massage using foam rollers, trigger point balls, stretching and resistance-band prehab exercises.

It was then that I started incorporating prehab and self-massage into my daily routine - prioritizing my body over those extra 20 minutes in bed. Since I began doing daily prehab I have noticed a dramatic difference in my body, feeling notably stronger, athletically faster, improved posture and in the best shape of my life. 

The idea behing Troy Prehab was pretty straight forward - I wanted to design a pack that would include all of the equipment that I had been using for my daily prehab sessions. It was also important for the pack to be portable and easy to use, even for non-athletes.

I cannot stress the importance of regular self-massage enough and I hope that with the convenience and ease-of-use of the Troy Prehab pack that it will encourage more people to incorporate it into their daily routine.



Troy Nathan