x1 Troy Prehab Pack

Troy  Prehab Pack.

1x Foam Roller
1x Foot Massage Ball
1x Trigger Point Ball
1x Stretching & Prehab Exercise Band
FREE - Phone Application with Video & Photo Instruction, & 24 Hour Contact Service.
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    Pre-habilitation pack for Foam Rolling, Foot Massaging, Trigger point massaging, Stretching, Resistant Band exercises to prevent injuries and promote strong living, also
    Download our FREE smart phone application and learn all you need to know about
    our products. This application includes easy to follow demonstration video and photo instructions and the benefits of 'Troy Prehab'. Think of it as having your very own Personal Trainer and Masseuse at your finger tips. We also offer a 24 hour help service for any questions or queries you may have.